There are hundreds of ways in which people have been helped through hypnosis when it has been properly applied as a therapeutic tool. Combining hypnosis and Personal Coaching gives you the power to use both the conscious and subconscious part of your mind to move forward toward achieving a successul and fulfilling life. Let us help you be the person you want to be.

Sessions are one-on-one and confidential. Sessions are held at our Park Ridge, New Jersey location. Phone sessions and custom CDs are also available.

Some of our most popular services include:

Academic Applications (class participation, fears, focus, attention span, memory, stage fright, etc.)
Attitude (family, interpersonal, school, work, etc.)
Career Enhancement
Fears, Phobias
Fitness (motivation, performance, etc.)
Habit Control (nail chewing, procrastination, etc.)
Image Projection
Learning (removing blocks, concentration, etc.)
Memory (repressed memories, academic studies, etc.)
Motivation (academic, job performance, fitness, etc.)
Past Life Regression
Performance (music, sports, business, personal, etc.)
Personal Relationships
Public Speaking
Sales (attitude, motivation, persuasive qualities, etc.)
Self Confidence
Sleep (more, less, better)
Smoking Cessation
Sports Performance (drive, peak performance, etc.)
Stress, Tension (stress management, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.)
Weight Loss Control (dieting, eating disorders, etc.)

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